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We are excited about the opening of our new, state of the art web site. We hope, that not only MMA fans but all other users will find this site interesting, pleasant to navigate and full of useful data. You are very welcome to visit us daily.
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Marcin Held is now sponsored by Defense Soap

We are very happy to announce another of Marcin's latest sponsorship partners: Defense Soap. The natural antifungal soap ingredients in Defense Soap removes the fungus and bacteria that attacks healthy skin without seriously impacting the skin's natural immunological defenses—the healthy skin flora.The convenience of being able to keep the skin healthy while washing is one of the top reasons MMA, Wrestlers, Judo, and combat athletes like Marcin consider Defense Soap to be the best soap to help with their antifungal and antibacterial strategy. Be sure to check out their website to get some for yourself.

Publication: 2014-05-06 02:53:24